Turning Point?


Accompanying Your Turning Point With

Online 1-on-1 Sessions

I will accompany you in multiple individual sessions per week as a counselor and coach. I work with a variety of established and scientific methods. I only work with a maximum of five people at a time so I can really commit to you and focus on your process.

Transforamtional Retreats

I offer you the opportunity to come to South Portugal to let me guide you through your turning point on site with me. There is various beautiful, calm and relaxing retreat centres that are ideal for going deep in your process entering the next stage of your life.

Ritual Journeys

I offer journeys to ancient sacred sites in Greece (e.g. ancient Delphi) where I facilitate individual transformation rituals for you and your personal process. Rituals are powerful for finding new insights and closing a chapter in your life and/or to start a new one.

Been There, Done That!

Hi, I’m Xerxes Ahash Voshmgir and I’ve experienced three major turning points in my life. The first was with 24, when I finished university and started working as a management consultant – neither creating a  real impact nor value. So I became a counselor, coach and holistic therapist.

In my late 30s, I had another crisis of meaning when a start-up company I co-founded failed and I divorced from my wife within a year. This initiated another turning point. I faced my shadows and fears and eventually became a TEDx speaker, talking about the leaders of the next stage of humanity.

As for many the pandamic became another turning point leading me to focus working with people who are at a turning point in their lives. People who are experiencing a crisis of meaning, spiritual emergency or burnout – which can be triggered by many different events as displayed by my podcast guests:

Podcast Guests Talking about their Turning Points

Riane Eisler

Macro-Historian, Systems Scientist, Futurist, Peace & Equal Rights Pioneer, TEDx Speaker

AlBert Nerenberg

Anet Londa

Co-Founder & Chief Buzz Creator at Moonshot Pirates

Daniel Pinchbeck

Erez Tsalik

Innovation & Thought Process Facilitator, TEDx Speaker

Tom Lombardo

Are You Ready for Your Turning Point?