Turning Point?


Accompanying Your Turning Point

My approach to counseling is deeply personalized and intensive. I accompany you through individual sessions every week, combining my roles as counselor and coach to create a tailored experience. By employing a range of established and scientifically-backed methods, my practice is dedicated to real and meaningful transformation.

I choose to work with no more than five individuals at a time. This allows me to fully commit to you and your journey, ensuring that the focus is always on fostering your progress and success. In our sessions, we’ll focus on key areas that catalyze your personal and global transformation:

Identifying Your Vision, Mission, & Purpose

Utilizing a structured coaching process that has aided Nobel Prize laureates in pinpointing their direction, we will clarify your vision and mission. This process is designed to align with your unique talents, values, and purpose, setting the stage for you to establish and pursue new, ambitious goals for your future.

Implementing New Habits

Small shifts can lead to significant changes. Together, we’ll identify the habits that are holding you back and introduce new, healthier ones. I’ll guide you through a step-by-step process, making the adoption of these new practices as smooth and straightforward as possible.

Unlocking Flow States and Peak Performance

Our work will include cutting-edge tools and techniques, such as trance states and binaural beats, which are supported by neuroscience for their benefits in performance enhancement. You will learn how to naturally initiate flow states, elevating your daily life to one of peak performance and profound engagement.

Been There, Done That!

Transformation often stems from moments of uncertainty. My own path to becoming a TEDx speaker was paved not through unerring clarity, but through navigating a profound crisis of meaning. Confronted with back-to-back life challenges, I found myself at a crossroads — not just in my career, but in my entire outlook on life.

The experience didn’t lead me to burnout; instead, it inspired a complete reinvention of my life’s direction. It propelled me to realign with what truly matters — contributing to something larger than myself. Within a year, this new focus had led me to the TEDx stage, where I shared my vision for a future driven by purpose and the collective good.

The future, in my view, is not a distant reality but an unfolding of an individual’s potential. By identifying and nurturing your intrinsic talents and aspirations, we not only transform your personal life but also contribute to a larger, global shift. The better we become as individuals, the more positive impact we can make on the world. In our sessions, we will explore not just who you are today, but who you can become tomorrow, laying down the psychological and practical groundwork for a future that reflects your highest potential.

If this resonates with you, just get in touch and let’s look at your specific situation. If it’s a match, I’ll create a plan for you and guide you through the process so you don’t get stuck in your current situation but make it the turning point of your life.


Starting on a coaching journey with Xerxes was the turning point of my career and personal life. I spent over a decade in a corporate job that, while successful, left me yearning for more meaning and impact. Through the process, I was able to peel back the layers of my professional desires and personal values. Xerxes provided a thought-provoking space for me to reimagine what was possible. This was not just about career change; it was about life transformation. Now, as the founder of a company that’s leading the way in environmental technology, I am living proof that with the right guidance, it’s possible to align one’s passion with their profession. The change has been profound and deeply empowering. My new path as an entrepreneur is not only more fulfilling but is a direct embodiment of the vision we sculpted together. Xerxes’ coaching didn’t just help me take a new step; it helped me leap into a new existence.

Sophia Martin

Formerly corporate employee, now founder & CEO

When I reached out to Xerxes, I was on the brink of burnout, disillusioned by the relentless grind that my career had become. His approach to counseling and coaching is unlike anything I’ve encountered. It’s not just about recovery; it’s about discovery — discovering who you are, what you want, and how you can make a difference. Throughout our intensive sessions, I was able to deconstruct my past motivations and, through a process of deep reflection and reimagining, construct a new vision for my life — one that truly resonated with my innermost values. The transformation has been both liberating and profound. My current role as a director for a non-profit is more than a job; it’s a calling. It’s a daily adventure in making meaningful change, and the sense of alignment with my values is something I had not experienced in years. Thanks to Xerxes, I’ve not only recovered from burnout but have also stepped into a life that feels richly rewarding and deeply aligned with the impact I wish to create in the world.

Lukas Weber

Community Engagement Director, Non-Profit Sector

I approached Xerxes at a time when my startup was doing well, yet something crucial was missing — the sense of purpose and direction I craved. Through our work together, which was a mix of psychological deep diving and strategic planning, I was able to align my personal goals with my business objectives. Xerxes has a unique ability to steer you towards your own north star, integrating your deepest values with practical business acumen. The impact on my startup has been extraordinary. We’ve not only seen significant financial growth, but our company culture has thrived, and our products are truly making a difference in the health sector. The newfound clarity in my vision has cascaded down to every aspect of the business, fostering innovation and dedication that resonates with our mission. Working with Xerxes was more than coaching; it was a partnership in redefining my life’s work. I’m immensely grateful for the journey and the sustainable success it has brought us.

Taylor Lee

CEO of Health Tech Company


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Utilizing a structured coaching process that has aided Nobel Prize laureates in pinpointing their direction, we will clarify your vision and mission. This process is designed to align with your unique talents, values, and purpose, setting the stage for you to establish and pursue new, ambitious goals for your future.


This stage is a reflective journey designed to evaluate your current path and uncover your deepest values and aspirations. It’s about stepping back to gain a fresh perspective on your life. Through this process, we delve into thought-provoking questions and exercises that challenge your status quo. It’s a strategic pause to identify what truly resonates with you, allowing us to map out a path that aligns with your purpose and unleashes your true potential. By rethinking where you are and where you want to be, we set the foundation for reimagining your vision.


In this stage you expand upon the insights from Rethink to envision a bold future. This stage is about breaking free from the past and dreaming up a life aligned with your deepest values and untapped potential. It’s a creative and intentional phase, where you sketch out a detailed vision of your new self and the path you aspire to take. Here, you actively design the blueprint for your transformation, mapping out a future that not only feels authentic but also invigorates your sense of purpose and passion. REIMAGINE is the bridge from current reality to desired destiny, setting you on a course for personal revolution and fulfillment.


Finally, you reinvent. This is the transformative phase where you put your reimagined vision into action. Here, you initiate the pivotal changes, establish new habits, and build a lifestyle and career that embody your envisioned future. This stage is about manifesting your new self, creating real-world impact, and earning a living through your purpose-driven vision. It’s where your transformation becomes your reality.

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Macro-Historian, Systems Scientist, Futurist, Peace & Equal Rights Pioneer, TEDx Speaker

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Anet Londa

Co-Founder & Chief Buzz Creator at Moonshot Pirates

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Innovation & Thought Process Facilitator, TEDx Speaker

Tom Lombardo

Are You Ready for Your Turning Point?

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m concerned about the time commitment. How much time will I need to dedicate weekly?

I understand your concerns about time. My program is crafted to fit into your life with ease. Typically, a few hours per week dedicated to our sessions and your personal work will suffice, and the time you invest is directly proportional to the benefits you’ll reap.

Will this program really help me with my specific challenges?

Absolutely. While there is a structure to guide us, I ensure our journey together is tailored to your individual needs and challenges, making sure it’s as relevant and effective for you as possible.

Is it worth the financial investment?

I see this as an investment in your future. The aim is to provide you with value that surpasses the financial aspect, offering life-changing insights and skills that can serve you for a lifetime.

Can I manage this program along with my current therapy or other personal development efforts?

Yes, my counseling is intended to complement any existing therapy or personal development activities you’re engaged in. It offers additional tools and perspectives that can enrich your current journey.

What if I find the process overwhelming?

It’s completely natural to feel overwhelmed when facing change. I’m here to support you and adjust our pace as needed to make sure you’re comfortable with each step we take together.

What happens after the counseling ends? How will I continue to grow without your guidance?

My goal is for you to become self-sufficient by the end of our counseling. I focus on fostering resilience and self-awareness, equipping you with tools that will help you continue your growth independently.

How will the changes I make affect my relationships?

Personal development can have a profound, positive impact on relationships. I’ll guide you on how to manage and communicate change in ways that can actually strengthen your bonds with others.

Does this program align with my cultural values and beliefs?

I deeply value and respect cultural diversity, and my coaching is adaptable to honor your unique cultural values and integrate them into your personal growth plan.

Is this just a one-size-fits-all approach?

Not at all. I take pride in my bespoke approach, ensuring that your individual story, current life, and future goals are all carefully considered when I craft your program.

Will I become too dependent on you?

Empowerment is at the core of my philosophy. The aim is to enhance your decision-making skills and develop a strong sense of self, fostering independence rather than dependence.

I'm looking for quick solutions. How fast will I see results?

While some insights can be immediate, true and lasting transformation is a journey that unfolds over time. Patience and commitment are essential, and I’m here to support you every step of the way.

I have other commitments. Will this counseling interfere with those?

I honor your existing commitments and offer flexible scheduling to ensure that the coaching process complements, rather than complicates, your life.

Will I have to work for years with you?

No, this is a short-term yet intensive process.

Will you have the time to intensively work with me?

I only work with a maximum of five people at a time so that I can focus on the clients I work with.


Depending on your needs and desires, and in what stage of your development you are in, the process usually takes between one and six months.


I measure my work by the success of you identifying your purpose and defining your new vision.