I am a transdimensional traveler between different worlds with an interdisciplinary background in eastern & western psychology and mysticism, traditional oriental medicine, and social sciences.

I was born in Tehran in 1978 and grew up in Vienna. In 1999 I began practicing meditation while studying philosophy, politics & economics in the UK and later also breathwork, constellation work and dream work. When I turned 28, for two years I traveled as a “barefoot doctor”, exploring the world and working in retreat centres and ashrams. When returning to Europe in 2008, I began to share the methods I had learned over the years and did research in Transpersonal Psychology, Holotropic Breathwork and holotropic altered states of consciousness for my master’s degree in counselling. I concurrently started working as a coach and consultant in business.

In my late 30s, I went through a series of severe crisis’ that led me to undergo a metamorphosis, reinventing myself and eventually becoming a TEDx speaker and who I am today.

I currently live between Vienna, South Portugal and Athens and work as a transpersonal counselor and public speaker – sharing the methods I relied on during my metamorphosis and the insights I gained through altered states of consciousness – offering mostly counseling, trance journeys and hypnosis, meditation and breathwork, as well as leading retreats in holotropic cathartic movement and meditation and breathwork.

Professional Background

  • Counsellor, coach and meditation teacher
  • Keynote speaker
  • Partner at Commetta Collective and Supertrends Institute
  • Founder of Göttergarten – The first European CBD-dispensary
  • Founder of Metamorphosers re-think hub (think-tank and consultancy)
  • Founder of Dana Center (mediation, breathwork and yoga center)
  • “Barefoot-Doctor” – Travelling and working with complementary medicine at retreat-centers, clinics and ashrams for two years worldwide.
  • Consultant at Fulcrum Consulting (business consulting)
University Education
  • Master of Science in Counselling, ARGE Bildungsmanagement Austria
  • Bachelor of Arts in PPE (Philosophy, Politics & Economics) at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK and the Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland
  • Diploma in Acupuncture at the Open International University of Complementary Medicines, Sri Lanka
  • Psychotherapeutic propaedeutic, University of Vienna, Austria
Education & Training
  • Transpersonal training with Stanislav Grof and Jack Kornfield, USA
  • Education in transpersonal psychology, psychotherapy, and holotropic breathwork at the ÖATP/IHTP with Sylvester Walch, Austria
  • Hypnotherapy with Albert Nerenberg and Gamini Guranathna , Canada and Sri Lanka
  • Education as a life-coach and counsellor, pro mente Wien
  • Education as an organisational developer, coach, and supervisor with Rolf Fink, Switzerland
  • Various systemic trainings and further education:
    • SSA Training with Siegfried Essen, Austria
    • Family constellation work with Bert and Sophie Hellinger, Austria
    • SySt Institut constellation work with Matthias Varga von Kibéd, Austria
    • Training in family constellation work at Reinhold Wildner, Austria
    • Systemic Ritual constellation work with Daan van Kampenhout, Austria
    • Personal Training in Systemic Constellation Work with Andrea Poppinger, Austria
  • Training as a certified Shiatsu practitioner, Shiatsu Ausbildung Austria
  • Traditional Chinese medicine and bodywork with Achim Eckert in Austria, Germany, and Spain
  • Tibetan sound therapy with Peter Charles Nezval, Austria
  • Agama Yoga, yoga training, Thailand
  • Tai chi, qi gong, Jian Li, Austria
  • Sufi mysticism with Denis Mete, Austria
  • Tibetan Buddhist Epistemology with Alan Malachowski, UK


    • Desert Retreats, Iran and Morocco
    • Sufi retreat, Iran
    • Osho Ashram, India
    • Sai Baba Ashram, India
    • Amma Ashram, India
    • Vipassana retreat (Goenka), India
    • Anapanasati retreat at Sanghathan Tempel, Thailand
    • Shamanic retreat, La Gomera