Challenging your Paradigms



First you will rethink your paradigms and develop a new perspective.


Then you will re-imagine your future and to start a new journey.


At last you will reinvent yourself to live a happy and fulfilled life.
 Helping You To Reset

Are You frustrated?

With Your Relationship?

With Your Work?

With Life?

Check Out reSET – The Course! 


A way to reSET your life - just like a computer.

A 21-day course that will take you to a new journey in life.

A way to become the master and creator of your life.

The starting point to live a happy and fulfilled life.

How Do I know If INIXIATE is Right For Me?


Are in in a deep crisis of one sort or another? INIXIATE will help you to break out of it.


“Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion!” – Michael Jordan
Break out of the illusion

Cutting Edge

I work with people who challenge the current paradigms and the status quo. You want to cut the edge?

My Approach

I have an interdisciplinary background in social sciences, easter & western psychology and mysticism as well as strategy development.

 As a transcultural traveller between diverse worlds, I combine different thought schools, ideas and people to inspire and create new solutions for current and future challenges.

 I works as a coach, futurist and speaker.

 This picture is me during my TEDx talk where I speak about how we have the future in our hands. To check it out click here!



How It Works

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Check out the course site and enroll for my online course INIXIATE.

Start the Journey

Start this journey to your new self in this 21-day course.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t like the course you get your money back. Guaranteed!

Enroll for INIXIATE – The Cours

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