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You get access to a library of
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Not for every problem there is a coach
needed. With this membership you can
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helping you on your path.


Are you ready for a trip to expand to the best version of yourself?
The Right Meditation, Breath Work and Trance Tracks to Change your Mood

You Feel Like You Need to Get Into a Different Mood Quickly? 

What Is The ParadigmX Membership?

A hub for meditation, breath work and trance induction music and tracks for various situations in life.

A membership that will enable you to get in touch with Xerxes on a weekly basis through memebership webinars.

A way to way to access online course and 1 on 1 session with Xerxes for a better price.

How Do I know If the ParadigmX Membership Is Right for Me?

A source to come back to your source

Through easy and affordable access to a pool of tracks you will meditate more regularly. The selection will be expanded monthly.

Like minded fellows

You will be connected to a community of people who are on a similar journey as you and spark interesting conversations and ideas.

Cutting Edge

I work with people who challenge the current paradigms and the status quo. You want to cut the edge?

About Xerxes

I have an interdisciplinary background in social sciences, easter & western psychology as well as strategy development.

 As a transcultural traveller between diverse worlds, I combine different thought schools, ideas and people to inspire and create new solutions for current and future challenges.

 I works as a coach, futurist and speaker.

 This picture is me during my TEDx talk where I speak about how we have the future in our hands. To check it out click here!



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