Coaching in Virtual Reality


Challenging your Paradigms


Business Coaching in VR

Do you want to do business coaching?

We can do it in virtual reality

Life-Coaching in VR

Do you want to do life-coaching?

We can do it in virtual reality

Mind-Sparring in VR

Do you want to have a sparring partner.

Book a session with me and let do the sparring in virtual reality

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

You Are Sick and Tired of Having Another Zoom Call?

Let’s Meet in VR! 

What Is Coaching Virtual Reality?

It is a new way to do coaching in a new dimension.

It is a new way to use the advantages of VR and the real world.

It is the most fun way to do coaching!

How Do I know If Coaching in VR with Xerxes is Right For Me?

A different dimension

Most people only know virtual reality for gaming. But in fact it gives us many opportunities to dive deep into other dimension – on the outside and the inside.


I have a rich experience in life and in VR. Come to a new dimension with me to explore and experience yourself in a completely new way.

Cutting Edge

I work with people who challenge the current paradigms and the status quo. You want to cut the edge?

My Approach

I have an interdisciplinary background in social sciences, easter & western psychology and mysticism as well as strategy development.

As a transcultural traveller between diverse worlds, I combine different thought schools, ideas and people to inspire and create new solutions for current and future challenges.

I works as a coach, futurist and speaker.

This picture is me during my TEDx talk where I speak about how we have the future in our hands. To check it out click here!


How It Works

Schedule a 1:1 Online Meeting

In this 30 minute call we will explore what your needs are and if it is beneficial for you to work together.

Choose the right App

We can use the common VR chat or collaboration apps, make a trip around the world in apps like “Wander” or even meet in a game  (e.g. table tennis)

Entering another Dimension

We meet in VR. Together we will explore a whole new dimension – inside and outside.

Coaching in Virtual Reality Sessions

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