Accompanying Your Turning Point

  • Are you confident in your current vision and long-term strategy?
  • Do you find it overwhelming to navigate critical decision points taking into account future trends?
  • Are you effectively managing stress to prevent burnout?
  • Is your business prepared to pivot or reinvent itself if necessary?
  • Do you feel completely effective in your leadership role and in fostering team cohesion?


Been There, Done That!

I am Xerxes Ahash Voshmgir, and for nearly two decades, I’ve guided individuals and organizations through transformative journeys in personal, leadership, and organizational development. With a career spanning roles as a coach, consultant, psychological counselor, startup founder, futurist, meditation teacher and public speaker, my expertise lies in intuitively identifying future trends, unlocking latent potential and detecting opportunities and challenges before they emerge.

My unique blend of skills empowers me to offer premium coaching services to startup owners and small business leaders. I specialize in crafting clear visions, navigating critical decisions, spurring innovation, and managing stress to avert burnout. My approach also encompasses organizational reinvention, leadership enhancement, team dynamics improvement, and personal growth support. I focus on building resilience amidst uncertainty, fostering meaningful professional relationships, teaching emotional intelligence and effective communication. My comprehensive, holistic method combines business savvy with personal well-being, making my services invaluable for those seeking all-encompassing guidance and support.


When my business was in serious trouble, facing daunting challenges and near collapse, Xerxes’s coaching emerged as the beacon of hope and transformation I desperately needed. His exceptional ability to envision the future and develop a strategic vision with us was not just helpful; it was transformative. With his guidance, we redefined our long-term objectives, navigating through a maze of complex decisions with innovative and forward-thinking solutions. But Xerxes offered more than just strategic insights; his holistic approach encompassed stress management, fostering team dynamics, and personal growth, which collectively rejuvenated our organizational spirit. He was more than a coach; he was the architect of a turning point that reshaped and revitalized my startup’s trajectory, ensuring sustainable success and growth.

Alex Johnson

Co-Founder and CEO of a HealthTech Startup

Struggling with burnout was the toughest part of my career. Xerxes’s expertise in meditation, breathwork, and counseling was pivotal in my recovery. He gave me stress management tools, enhancing my personal and business life. His guidance on personal development and self-awareness reignited my passion. With Xerxes’ help, I overcame burnout, and my company reached new heights. His holistic approach reshaped my view of success, fostering a more balanced, resilient, and flourishing business.

Sophia Martinez

CEO of an Eco-Friendly Consumer Goods Company

In the volatile and often unpredictable business landscape, Xerxes’s coaching has been an anchor of stability and a catalyst for growth. His deep understanding and expertise in navigating uncertainty, embracing change, and building resilience have been indispensable. Under his guidance, our team transformed into a more adaptable, resilient unit, capable of facing challenges with confidence and agility. His impact extended beyond mere business strategy; he fostered a positive organizational culture, enhanced leadership dynamics, and promoted emotional intelligence within the team. His multifaceted approach not only steered us through turbulent times but also instilled a sense of unity, purpose, and clarity in our vision. Xerxes’s coaching has been instrumental in our journey, turning potential obstacles into opportunities for innovation and growth.

Michael Chen

Managing Director of a Digital Marketing Agency

Are You Ready for Your Turning Point?