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Revolutions need new Paradigms

The Digital Transformation brings upon new challenges for business, politics and society. We need to fundamentally challenge our current paradigms to develop a prosperous future.

Artificial Intelligence and Human Evolution

Thus far human evolution was considered to be a purely human issue. But what is it actually that makes us human and which role will artificial intelligence play in the human evolution?

300 Spartans vs. Xerxes

Although the Spartans lost the battle of Thermopylae against the Persians, they went down as the acme of bravery. What is the relevance of this battle for the Digital Transformation and the future of business, politics and society?

Xerxes holds talks in English and German.


Great stage presence! Fascinating stories! Every word of Xerxes captivated the listeners!

Stefan Hupe

Co-Organizer, IoT Austria

Xerxes has the ability to explain complex and dry topics with exciting stories and examples.

Brigitte Percht

Marketing Manager, Avnet, Inc.

Xerxes is an evolutionary catalyst, talented speaker and great conversationalist.

Christoph Mann

co-founder & CEO, opt2o

An exeptional, refreshing and thought-provoking keynote – connecting a tech-topic with human values. Excellent!

Matthias Cermak

CEO, VerVieVas

About Xerxes

Xerxes Voshmgir  has an interdisciplinary background in social sciences, business, traditional oriental medicine, eastern and western psychology as well as strategy and organizational development. He is a transdisciplinary and transcultural travaller between divers worlds, combining different thought schools, ideas and people to create new solutions for current and future challenges. He works as a speaker, advisor and evolutionary catalyst with people and organizations.

Originally Persian, Xerxes was born during the Iranian Revolution and grappled with revolutionary dynamics ever since. After having studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)  in the UK he started to work as a consultant. In his late 20ies, he went on a worldwide trip for two years and worked and travelled as a „Barefoot Doctor“.

He is the founder of Metamorphosers – a future & transformation consulting company and rethink-hub. He enables new perspectives and inspires people and organizations to rethink, reimagine and reinvent.

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